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Hygienist Kristin Schrock’s Mission Trip To Haiti

HAITI IS THE POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE with over half of its population living on less than US$1 per day. My most recent mission trip experience was to Haiti in February, where I was able to witness this extreme poverty first hand.

The Orphanage In Torbeck Is A Sanctuary For Disadvantaged Girls

I went to an orphanage in Torbeck, about a 4 hour drive from Port-au-Prince and I worked there with an organization called Global Compassion Network. They have an orphanage there with over 50 girls ranging in ages from 2-16. Many of the girls in the orphanage were either abandoned or rescued from “restavec,” which is a form of child slavery.

The organization has taken old shipping containers and transformed them into dorms for the girls, with 10 girls in each. They also have a school there for the girls, which they have opened up to many other area children as well. Several children walk for miles to attend this school.

I Spent A Week Cleaning The Children’s Teeth

I was able to spend a week there, cleaning teeth for the children at the school, most of whom have never seen a dentist before. It must have been frightening for these children, especially since they spoke very little English; however, all the children were very brave!

I would often get a hug from the child after their visit with me. I saw too many cavities to count, and I was overwhelmed with compassion for a few of the children with tooth related infections. All the children received a new toothbrush at the conclusion of their visit with me.

It Was Difficult To Leave Those Girls And Return Home

It was difficult to leave and return home, the girls and I both cried upon our departure because we had really bonded during our week together. They taught me a few words in French Creole, and gave me several thank you letters.

I was very blessed by this experience and hope to return there again!


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  • Roger Blaine says:

    I have never been to Haiti myself, but have known people who have worked there and some who have come from there, and recently listened to a book on CD about travels there. Bless you for your fine work and I wish you more successful missions!

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